Platform Exhibitions

A global resource on exhibition making for students, practitioners and researchers

Our Mission

To bring together for purposes of study and development of the profession; a corpus of knowledge, insight and methods in the field of organizing and composing exhibitions; and to make this corpus broadly accessible.

The aim of this Plat­form is to provide an online tool for the making of exhibitions, which can be applied to all kinds of exhibitions, from permanent exhibitions in heritage institutes to a commercial stand. The website is useful for everybody who is engaged in making exhibitions, from principals to professionals, students and volunteers.


Platform Exhibitions proposes a method that gives insight into the realisation of an exhibition and structures its development and designing process. The method is intended as a guideline that should be adapted to the procedures that are usually followed in an institute or to the specific demands of a project. The method is not intended to be applied rigidly.

As an introduction, take a look at the following chapters: